24 October 2008

How to Live Healthy

After hours of the time we spend all similar routines. Start of work, sport or even just to hang out with friends. However, you have time to spend at least 10 minutes to live healthy?

Keep Breath
Do this regularly and you can reduce the stress level. In addition, your body will also refresh with the more oxygen.

Wherever and in whatever condition you never forget drinking water. You need at least 6 cups a day. Remember, tea and coffee can make you dehydration. If you look glassy in the morning that the signature you dehydration.

Wash Hands
Some viruses move through many hands you. Elevator button, handle phone, computer and more. Keep your hands as often as possible from the virus with it. Do not forget to also wash hands after the toilet.

Processed tomatoes in all very good for the anti-oxidants. Tomatoes can help you against cancer. If you do not like raw tomatoes, tomato sauce or paste have the same effect.

Do not miss your breakfast. Breakfast and start your day with a healthy beginning. No need to feed the heavy-weight. City fast enough and healthy, such as beer, wine, yoghurt, bread fruit also.

Tooth brush
Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. This can prevent dental disease. Make this a habit.

Leave the Cigarettes
Many of enjoyment which can be obtained from the cigarettes. But try to think about your health as well. Leaving cigarettes can have a big impact on your health.

Forget to eat Donnut
Not only the sinker but also cakes, chips and all types of snack. If you’re hungry, sandwiches, yoghurt and fruit juice can be fresh options.

Driving with Good & Security Belt
Motorcycle accident still be the highest. Do not forget the belt. Keep your safety while driving on the road. Belts should be expected.

Choose Appliances
For exercise, choose the stairs rather than using the elevator. If you are in the floor 22 to use the stairs to climb 3 or 4 floors.

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