27 October 2008

Tips to Choose Smartphone

• Select a phone that has the functions of a PDA at the same time, with the functions of a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). We do not need to buy a PDA separately, as we did not bring much fuss tool.
• Frequency used in. Try to choose a smartphone that has a triple frequency bands (900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz). Currently, most use a dual band (900MHz and 1800Mhz).
• Look completeness of the features offered, the feature that there should be mandatory, such as SMS, MMS, EMS, e-mail client, infrared, bluetooth, and polyphonic tones.
• See the screen color depth, the greater the depth of the clear color screen and more natural appearance, they can try to see the display screen on the outside and inside the room. Well we can see the display screen, albeit by light or been outside the room the day.
• See the WAP version. The amount of the WAP version of this influence when downloading video clips such as movies and music. Version 2.0 will support i-mode or video services.
• GPRS Class must be greater than 8.0 (4 1). The higher the class, the ability to quickly access internet, either while browsing or when downloading images or files. GPRS> 8 will allow us display the video stream.
• Note the battery endurance. With the use of MMS, or access to the Internet, the battery will quickly run out of power once his, also select the battery type Lithium.
• Note also the file format compatibility. Image file format or audio what can be supported or compatible.
• There are facilities memory card slot. The existence of the memory card slot good jebis CompactFlash or SmartMedia allows us to save the image files and more.
• Ask the service full price. Warranty is necessary if we have problems with the gadget.

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