11 December 2010

My Beloved City: Palembang

I was born and grew up in Palembang city, South Sumatera province, Indonesia.
Palembang is locate on Sumatera island and was popular for crime because of some Palembang people like to carry knife and other cold steel.
Many criminal tv program mention Palembang on almost everyday show.
But Palembang people and government try to change that image.
The Palembang government define a regulation to prohibit Palembang people to carry cold steel.
It's work. On 2004, Palembang held PON (National Sport Week) successfully.
Many people recognice and come to Palembang since then.
Palembang is known as exhibition town now. Many event held and will be held on Palembang including Sea Games 2011 for South East countries.
Palembang has already famous for the culinary. Palembang has variety foods such as Pempek, Tekwan, Model, Celimpungan, Laksan, Lakso, Burgo, Lenggang,
Lempok, Kemplang, Kerupuk, etc.
A lot of tourist come just to taste those foods. Pempek is known around Indonesia as Palembang traditional food. You can find pempek on several city in Indonesia,
but to find the original Pempek taste, you must come to Palembang.

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