23 March 2009

About Colors

Colors is truly magical !

Colors evokes emotion, stimulates the senses and creates atmosphere. Colors will transform your surroundings, alter perceptions and set moods.

Using colors in your home and surrounding yourself with a personal palette creates a calming backdrop for daily life. You can design your own comforting sanctuary to unwind and live in.

A room doesn’t have to be saturated in splashes of strong hues to achieve an impression of colors. Small accents are sometimes enough. Add some cushions, perhaps a throw or a piece of carefully selected artwork, these touches can work just as well as painting a room in a flashy colors.

When planning your colors scheme, search for inspiration from your surroundings. Perhaps you have a favourite rug or piece of china that you can use as a starting point. Mother Nature offers an abundance of inspiration; flowers, beaches, sky and earth are perfect examples of colors schemes that work - Mother Nature never gets it wrong!

When it comes to colors theory there are some useful guidelines you can follow to create your own successful scheme.

A monochromatic scheme is an easy method to follow for decorating. Choose one colors and add that colors in varying tones (deeper and lighter), perhaps adding some patterns or texture to create interest.

A complementary scheme works with colors that lie opposite each other on the colors wheel ie: blue is opposite to orange, red is opposite to green and yellow is opposite to purple. These colors contrast and when placed together create a stimulating effect. This can be a very effective technique to use in decorating.

A related scheme is using colors that lie side by side on the colors wheel. For example: greens and blues placed together or perhaps reds, oranges and yellows. Placing colors together based on a related scheme creates a subtle harmonious effect.

Take your time when designing your colors scheme, it is a creative process. Try to incorporate the whole design of your home to add a sense of flow.

Colors have a lot of significance. The world is changing. Who is the force behind this change? The whole magic is of the colors. If the color changes the nature also changes, along with the mind also changes. Change in color changes everything.

The colors influence the body, mind and emotions. The external things have more influence on the human being and the most influencing factor is color. According to Ayurveda, vata, pitta and kapha dosha are running the body or in other words they are responsible for the functioning of the body. Blue color is strengthening, cool and hence reduces heat and anxiety. Blue color cures the diseases in people predominant with pitta. Green color is blood purifier, natural and evacuates the foreign particles from the body. It subsides the diseases in a person who is chiefly of vata constitution.

Red color denotes fire element. It activates the nervous system and blood. It activates all the five sensory organs. Red rays produce heat and circulate energy in the body. Red color is energetic and active. It is good for people with kapha constitution.

If it is used again and again, it causes fever and inactivity and hence it should be combined with blue color.

White color is ideal for leading a secluded life a detached life away from world. It makes the emotions pure and pious. Yellow color activates the nerves and the muscles. It is not an independent color. It is the combination of red and green colors. It arouses the dead cells and activates them. It has the qualities to strengthen the nervous system and activate the brain. Yellow color is the color of intelligence and philosophy. It gets rid of mental weakness, disappointment and other negative qualities. It is denotes happiness and cheerfulness.

Black color is not influenced; no color can be applied on black color. Hence it is used in the courtrooms to denote unbiased judgment. According to a yogi, Vedic Sandhya includes three colors. They are red, blue and white, which denote Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Vedic Sandhya means the person who meditates all the three colors in the evening remains healthy physically and mentally

Colors maintain the balance of our body. Some people are fat while some are thin? What is the reason? The reason is color; there is imbalance of colors in their body. Excess of red color denotes thin people and that of blue color makes the person fat. Where red and blue colors are in equilibrium, that person will be beautiful, well built with good figure and balanced. Excess of red color makes the person angry and excited; less of blue color makes him selfish and self-centered. He is not bothered about others interests and losses. Red color will be useful where the matter is related to labors. The laborers can lift heavy weight easily. If the color is blue the labor will become lazy. All the organs in our body have colors. Every component has its color. Externally the skin appears to be of one color only, the person who has studied the body with depth he will understand this fact. If we are successful in our lives then we will have to pay attention on the clothes that we wear. Colors have a broad affect. The colors not only influence the mental condition but also change it. In this context an incident of Russia is very interesting. A few student of a school were very mischievous. This became a big problem for the teacher and school authorities. They were not getting the clue to their mischief. Not one or two all the students were highly mischievous. What could be the reason? Nobody was able to find the correct answer. The students who were appearing to be calm and quiet were also becoming mischievous. Lot of efforts were taken but reason for this was still mystery. At last the color specialists were called. They researched a lot. The color of the school building was red, the doors, windows, carpet, students uniform everything was red. The excess of red color increases mischief nature and hyper activity. The specialists advised that this color should be changed to green, pink or blue. The suggestion was accepted and the color was changed. The curtains, windows, doors, glasses etc. were changed. The result was astnishing as soon as the color changed the student's nature also changed. The students became calm and quiet and were well behaved. The teachers and authorities were finally relieved of their problem.

The person who concentrates to see white color he experiences that his tension is reducing, the feelings are pure and pious. The headache gets cured. What is color? It is only a light. The 49the vibration of light is called color. It is the spectrum of colors coming from the Sunrays. It has one color. Color and light are not two different things. Color is the synonym for light, which is the affect of light. If The suitable colors mix then the effect changes.

It is our daily experience that when we sit near a person we feel happy and some people's company makes us sad and unhappy. We are filled with worries. What is the reason for this? We are surrounded with an aura of light, the person who has a pure aura, is made with good colors, the surrounding and atmosphere near that person is pure and pious. When the aura is made with bad color, predominant with night colors, then we feel unhappy and a negative feeling comes in. The mind becomes sad and unhappy. According to Dr. Riben Amber the hotness and coolness of the colors can be measured. Fill the glass tumbler with water and place a thermometer, let the Sunrays fall in it. Red rays denote hot and blue rays denote coolness.

Start a scrapbook with a compilation of colors and palettes that appeal to you. Collect examples such as magazine images, pieces of fabric, leaves, feathers or colors chips. Decide what colors you love and why you love them.

Most importantly, have fun. Working with colors is an exciting and rewarding experience.

Express yourself with the magic ingredient of colors – mix together a pleasing recipe of hues and tones to live with, create a place where it always feels good to be home.

Enjoy colors - life would be boring without it!!!

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