06 March 2009

Tips to Remove Pimples

Acne is a skin disorder that causes skin eruptions and inflammation in human being. It appears to skin when you are teenager. A survey shows around 90% of young population is suffering from acne or pimples. It is quite commonly seen in adults. Removing pimples can be a huge pain and special cleansers and solutions can be expensive to buy. However, there is an easy way to remove problematic pimples. There are lots of ways to remove pimples from your body parts. Some excellent ways for the pimples removal are given below:
• Eat fruits and vegetables-If you want to stay away from the pimples you have to take lots of fruits and vegetables in your food. Papaya is the most effective fruit for the removal of pimples.

• Add more liquids and water to your diet chart- Liquids are very effective in getting rid of pimples. More the liquids you take more the hydrated you feel. It also helps to flush out extra toxins from body. You can prefer lemon or mint juices.

• Natural products- To remove pimples you can use natural remedies such as sandalwood paste, turmeric, clove oil, tea tree oil and nutmeg as it may help to remove pimples quickly. If you apply the products to affected area it will remove pimples as well as make your skin more beautiful.

• Avoid oily food- To remove the pimples you should avoid eating deep fried and oily foods.

• Avoid chocolates- You have to leave eating chocolates and sugary items in your food as it may give way to pimples.

• Care for your hair-If you any infection or dandruff in your hair, you may cause with pimples. You can remove pimples if you take good care of your hair and keep them clean.

• Clean your body- Dirt is main cause of having pimples. For removing dirt from skin wash your face at least three times a day with a soap having soft chemicals. Remove your makeup with a low chemical cleanser. Avoid using cream cleanser as it may leave oil to skin. Cleanliness will help you to stay away from the pimples.

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